Prof. Martin Hall talks about the role of research in academic practice

Professor Martin Hall talks about the importance of educational research in universities.
It reinforces our need to constantly examine what we do, improve and reflect about our practice. Educational research helps us be more self-reflective.

One of the goals of the Education in a Changing Environment  conference is exactly that. It aims to offer a space for the sharing of practice and create opportunities for academics to network and discuss current issues about teaching and learning in Higher Education.

Creativity is one of the main topics of this conference. As professor Hall reminds us ‘education is all about creativity’. It is a vital ingredient in educational practice across all disciplines. Keeping up with the pace of our society is one of the biggest challenges of our days. Being able to reinvent what we do to provide students with the best education is central to our role. Creativity, engagement and research can help inform and improve our practice.

We look forward to seeing you at #ECE11 and learning more about innovative ways of teaching and learning.

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Education in a Changing Environment Conference 2011