Practice based research

Practice based research

Paul Haywood and Sam Ingleson from the School of Art & Design talk about practice based research and multi disciplinary learning, which in their own words  it ‘is more aligned to a more students centred, student led experience’

Sam and Paul also talk about curriculum and the need to create informal environments for learning. As part of their academic activity, they have run numerous projects which aim to have an impact in the community. Amongst them are the REdGENERATION and the Wear Peace projects.

Sam also talks about the MA in Creative Education she runs. It focuses on non conventional ways of teaching, and was designed to respond to the needs of the teachers they have been working with in their outreach projects.

Here are also a couple of other thoughts Paul and Sam share with us in their video:

Academic endeavour needs to be channelled through practice and needs to be informed by practice …for it to have an impact in the world”

Stop thinking about education “as delivery all the time. A lot of it has to do with exchange”.

In education ‘… it matters when you’re generating people who've got humanity’!’


They sure got the debate started. Hopefully you will also take part in it too. Deadline for submissions is still open. Do send yours. :-)

We look forward to seeing you in Salford!

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