Getting students to practise with an open mind

Helen Keegan, senior lecturer in interactive media at the University of Salford, shares her views on the importance of Educational research in the Higher Education context. Please see video below.



Helen is known for her innovative teaching approaches, trying to bridge formal and informal learning through the use of emergent technologies and activies which challenge students’ practices and perceptions.

Helen has been working with audio and video students to make short films using mobile phones. As she points out “this challenges students who are studying the high end of video and audio production to think differently about their practice…. The idea is to get students to practise with an open mind as to prepare them to industry...”

You can read Helen’s blog here, or follow her on twitter.

Call for contributions is open (deadline: 14th January 2011).

We look forward to seeing you in Salford in July 2011 for #ECE11

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