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We have assembled an excellent review panel and are very keen to support authors and other contributors. We intend the submission and review process to be developmental and supportive, particularly for new writers and postgraduate research students.

Anyone considering writing a full paper (submission date 24 January) is invited to either or both of the following two sessions.
Session 1 
Maxwell 516, 1400-1500, Wednesday 15 December, 2010 
We'll start with a very brief presentation on the types of submission we are seeking. We can then answer your questions, put you in touch with a mentor, or help you in any way we can.
Session 2 ­
Room tba, 1230-1400, Thursday 6 January, 2011
Authors who have submitted full papers will also be invited to session during the revisions period, to plan improvements to their paper, and future publication strategies.


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