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ECE Proceedings


Title: Learning Communities - Reality or Feelgood Factor?
Author(s): Frances Bell
Year: 2003
Paper: fb_03.rtf

Title: Using 3D Modelling and Dynamic Thermal Simulation Software Tools to Facilitate Student Understanding of Complex Principles in 'Passive' Building Design - An Experiential Learning Approach
Author(s): David Dowdle
Year: 2003
Paper: dd_03.rtf

Title: A Pilot Programme into the Use of Blackboard to Support the Teaching of Engineering Undergraduates
Author(s): Elizabeth Laws
Year: 2003
Paper: el_03.rtf

Title: Online Learning and Learning Styles
Author(s): Abuaguila Musa, Bob Wood
Year: 2003
Paper: am_03.rtf

Title: Blended Learning in Practice
Author(s): Chris Procter
Year: 2003
Paper: cp_03.rtf

Title: Learning Through E-Reflection: Desires and Designs
Author(s): John Rae, Gary Taylor
Year: 2003
Paper: jr_03.rtf

Title: The Development and Evaluation of an Integrated CD-ROM/Workbook Package as Part of a Vocational Degree Programme
Author(s): Christine Smith, Simon Crozier, David Dean
Year: 2003
Paper: cs_03.rtf

Title: Software Systems to Support Students Working on Team Projects
Author(s): Janice Whatley, Elaine Ferneley, Mark Jones
Year: 2003
Paper: jw_03.rtf

Title: Internationalising the Curriculum: from Policy to Practice
Author(s): Viv Caruana, Jane Hanstock
Year: 2003
Paper: vc_03.rtf

Title: Improving Student Learning Using an Enquiry Based Approach
Author(s): Helen Crabtree
Year: 2003
Paper: hc_03.rtf

Title: Hot Issues in PBL - Creating the Problem Context
Author(s): David Eaton, Andrew Turner
Year: 2003
Paper: de_03.rtf

Title: Research Knowledge Transfer into Teaching in the Built Environment
Author(s): Ghassan Aouad, Andy Bowden, Sepani Senaratne, Dilanthi Amaratunga, David Baldry, Mike Kagioglou
Year: 2003
Paper: ss_03.rtf

Title: Approaches to Learning and Contemporary Accounting Education
Author(s): Kathy Spencer
Year: 2003
Paper: ks_03.rtf

Title: Using Formative Summative Assessment to Motivate, Enhance and Progress Learning
Author(s): Eileen Trotter, Roger Alderman, Roland Fox
Year: 2003
Paper: et_03.rtf

Title: Collaborative Approaches to Learning: Some Research Issues
Author(s): Mike Doyle
Year: 2003
Paper: md_03.rtf

Title: Supporting Student 'Success': What can we Learn from the Persisters?
Author(s): Carole Roberts, Maggie Watkin, Roland Fox, Dorothy Oakey
Year: 2003
Paper: cr_03.rtf

Title: Critical Reflection: The Hallmark of a Masters Education. A Case Study
Author(s): Lisa Anderson
Year: 2003
Paper: la_03.rtf

Title: Learning the Law - New Directions in Widening Participation
Author(s): Victoria Howes, Frank Wright
Year: 2003
Paper: vh_03.rtf

Title: Transitions and Transformations: Ways of Conceptualising Specific Contributions by Learners in Higher Education to the Development of their Active Citizenship
Author(s): Iain Jones
Year: 2003
Paper: ij_03.rtf

Title: An Evaluation of the Employability Skills Acquired by Industrial Placement Students
Author(s): Jane Silver
Year: 2003
Paper: js_03.rtf

Title: Interpretive Planning in the Tourist/Historic City: A Key Skills Recognition and Development Project Enhancing the Student Experience
Author(s): Pat Sterry, Debra Leighton
Year: 2003
Paper: ps_03.rtf

Title: Gender and the Higher Education Experience
Author(s): Alison Adam, Haifa Takruri-Rizk, Helen Richardson, Sheila Whiteley, Ben Light
Year: 2003
Paper: aa_03.rtf

Title: Disentangling the Web: A Principled Guide to Information Retrieval
Author(s): Martin Eayrs
Year: 2003
Paper: me_03.rtf

Title: Collaboration in Educational Research - Developing Communities of Learning
Author(s): Karen Holland
Year: 2003
Paper: kh_03.rtf

Title: Prevention of Student Failure: Strategies for Change
Author(s): Debra Niven, Sue Braid
Year: 2003
Paper: dn_03.rtf

Title: Automated Student Feedback Using Grade Descriptors
Author(s): Pauline Sobreperez
Year: 2003
Paper: psz_03.rtf

Title: Goodhart's Law and Performance Indicators in Higher Education
Author(s): Prof Lewis Elton
Year: 2003
Paper: le_03.rtf

Title: Education in a Changing Environment: An Account of the 'Closing Reflections'
Author(s): Prof John Cowan
Year: 2003
Paper: jc_03.rtf

Title: Acknowledgements - 2003
Year: 2003
Paper: ack_03.rtf

Title: Foreword - 2003
Author(s): Professor Michael Harloe
Year: 2003
Paper: fw_03.rtf

Title: Editorial Board - 2003
Year: 2003
Paper: ed_03.rtf

Title: Contents Page - 2003
Year: 2003
Paper: cn_03.rtf

Title: Introduction - 2003
Year: 2003
Paper: int_03.rtf