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ECE Proceedings


Education in a Changing Environment, International Conference, 12 - 14th September 2007

The Conference Book is available here, published by Informing Science Press

Presentations from the Conference are available here.

Online Proceedings of the University of Salford's Learning and Teaching Research Conference.

The ECE 2007 online proceedings are in PDF format.

Conference Themes

Partnership, Employability, Workforce Development and Lifelong Learning


Title: Full time Study, Part Time Work: undergraduate's learning from employment
Author(s): Joanne Blake
Year: 2007
Paper: 40_07.pdf

Title: Can I Stay or Shall I Go? – Factors Influencing the Participation of Black and Minority Ethnic Graduates in SET Occupations in the Northwest of England
Author(s): Kathryn Booth, Haifa Takruri-Rizk, Kamel Mansi
Year: 2007
Paper: 41_07.pdf

Title: Practice-Based Learning: Balancing Individual and Organisational Needs
Author(s): Sue Bolt
Year: 2007
Paper: 42_07.pdf

Title: Employability Sabbaticals: Experience of 'Boundary Crossing'
Author(s): Elena Zaitseva, Elizabeth Mitchell
Year: 2007
Paper: 43_07.pdf

Title: Lifelong Learning: A partnership approach to the changing healthcare agenda
Author(s): Denise Owens, June Rutherford
Year: 2007
Paper: 44_07.pdf

Title: 'NVQ 4 made me read some books!' Developing a teaching and learning strategy to support knowledge acquisition in work based programmes
Author(s): Barbara Walmsley
Year: 2007
Paper: 45_07.pdf

Title: Collaboration, Evidence Based Practice and Shared Governance: A coming together!
Author(s): Richelle Buckley, Michelle Howarth, Jacqueline Leigh, Natalie Yates-Bolton
Year: 2007
Paper: 46_07.pdf

Title: Interagency Working on Foundation Degree Curriculum Development: using tension and aligning motive in the constitution of learning
Author(s): Mike Doyle
Year: 2007
Paper: 47_07.pdf

Title: Learning Partnerships: The key to skilled workforces
Author(s): Liz Barnes, Ian Pepper, Mark Thornton
Year: 2007
Paper: 48_07.pdf

Title: Tuning Occupational Therapy Structures in Europe
Author(s): Sandra Rowan, Stephanie Saenger
Year: 2007
Paper: 49_07.pdf

Title: A Convergence of Perspectives: Enhancing Students' Employability by Becoming Members of the Same Team
Author(s): Vanette Hordyk
Year: 2007
Paper: 50_07.pdf

Title: Listening to the Voices of Learners: intended and unintended policy outcomes
Author(s): Iain Jones
Year: 2007
Paper: 51_07.pdf

Title: Opening the Door to Third Level Education for Women
Author(s): John Conaghan, Avril Meehan, Paul Corey, Jane Crudden
Year: 2007
Paper: 52_07.pdf

Title: Overcoming Invisible Barriers to Learning in the Clinical Area
Author(s): Bernadette Burns
Year: 2007
Paper: 53_07.pdf

Title: The Plagiarism panic and the Partial Academic
Author(s): Chris Procter
Year: 2007
Paper: 54_07.pdf

Title: Merging academic and practice based learning for enhanced student employability
Author(s): Chus Fernandez, Francisca Sempere
Year: 2007
Paper: 55_07.pdf

Title: A Case Study of Progression on an Early Years Foundation Degree
Author(s): Amanda Davis, Eamon ODoherty
Year: 2007
Paper: 56_07.pdf

Title: Poster Presentation: Developing the Workforce of the Future – Work Based Learning
Author(s): Denise Owens, June Rutherford
Year: 2007
Paper: poster1_07.pdf

Title: Poster Presentation: Lifelong Learning - The Potential Role of An Alumni Association
Author(s): David Eagan
Year: 2007
Paper: poster2_07.pdf