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ECE Proceedings


Education in a Changing Environment, International Conference, 12 - 14th September 2007

The Conference Book is available here, published by Informing Science Press

Presentations from the Conference are available here.

Online Proceedings of the University of Salford's Learning and Teaching Research Conference.

The ECE 2007 online proceedings are in PDF format.

Conference Themes

Learning Technologies in Higher Education


Title: Podcasting: a tool for enhancing assessment feedback?
Author(s): Chris Ribchester, Derek France, Anne Wheeler
Year: 2007
Paper: 15_07.pdf

Title: Narrative and Social Collaboration in the integration of Games in the Curriculum
Author(s): Heather Conboy, Chris Goldsmith
Year: 2007
Paper: 16_07.pdf

Title: Educational Games in Higher Education: a case study in teaching recursive algorithms
Author(s): Eleni Rossiou, Spyros Papadakis
Year: 2007
Paper: 17_07.pdf

Title: Experiential Learning, E-Learning And Social Learning: The EES Approach to Developing Blended Learning
Author(s): Amanda Langley
Year: 2007
Paper: 18_07.pdf

Title: Resource Centres and Self-Study: issues in computer assisted language learning
Author(s): Huw Jarvis
Year: 2007
Paper: 19_07.pdf

Title: Information and Communication Technology in Universities in Nigeria: Challenges for Teaching and Learning
Author(s): Lawrence Aguele
Year: 2007
Paper: 20_07.pdf

Title: Enhancing the Learning Opportunities of Part-time Postgraduate Students Whilst Off-campus – Periodic Self-Assessment of Image Reporting Skills Using Blackboard
Author(s): Julie Nightingale, Stuart Mackay, Ben Mollo
Year: 2007
Paper: 21_07.pdf

Title: Development and Evaluation of a Shared Learning Wiki in an an Inter-professional Context
Author(s): Melanie Stephens, Leslie Robinson, Denis McGrath
Year: 2007
Paper: 22_07.pdf

Title: Developing Self Assessment through the Web-Based Learning Environment and its Effect on Knowledge Construction
Author(s): Mohsen Saadatmand
Year: 2007
Paper: 23_07.pdf

Title: Using e-Learning to Educate Health Professionals in the Management of Children's Pain
Author(s): Denise Jonas, Bernadette Burns
Year: 2007
Paper: 24_07.pdf

Title: The Use of Eye Tracking Technology in the Evaluation of e-Learning: A feasibility study
Author(s): Peter Eachus
Year: 2007
Paper: 25_07.pdf

Title: Gender Issues in Systems Design and User Satisfaction for e-Testing Software
Author(s): Sahel Al-habashneh
Year: 2007
Paper: 26_07.pdf