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ECE Proceedings


Education in a Changing Environment, International Conference, 12 - 14th September 2007

The Conference Book is available here, published by Informing Science Press

Presentations from the Conference are available here.

Online Proceedings of the University of Salford's Learning and Teaching Research Conference.

The ECE 2007 online proceedings are in PDF format.

Conference Themes

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


Title: Diversification in Sources of Financing Higher Education and its Economic Impact in the Changing Global Market: the Arab Challenge
Author(s): Hoda Abd El Hamid Ali
Year: 2007
Paper: 27_07.pdf

Title: A Framework for Improving Teaching and Learning Through Action Learning
Author(s): Sue Bolt
Year: 2007
Paper: 28_07.pdf

Title: Enhancing the Learning of Under-qualified Science Teachers in Eastern Cape Province
Author(s): Noreen Burton
Year: 2007
Paper: 29_07.pdf

Title: Knowledge Production in Initial Teacher Education: A South African Perspective
Author(s): Johan Swanepoel
Year: 2007
Paper: 30_07.pdf

Title: Exploring how Academics Perceive the Impact of Quality Audit on their Work: A Case Study of a Research-Intensive Pre-1992 University in England
Author(s): Ming Cheng
Year: 2007
Paper: 31_07.pdf

Title: An Examination of the Factors Influencing Student Participation in Collaborative Approaches to Examination Preparation
Author(s): Paul Greenbank
Year: 2007
Paper: 32_07.pdf

Title: An Insight to a Pilot Study: Implementing the National CPD Framework into a Higher Educational Institution – some lessons thus far
Author(s): Sandy Cope
Year: 2007
Paper: 33_07.pdf

Title: \" I never thought how I learn, just that I learn...'" – An Evaluation of the Impact of Embedding Personal Development Planning (PDP) Processes and the Effect on Independent Learning
Author(s): Julie Savory
Year: 2007
Paper: 34_07.pdf

Title: Understanding the Problems of Transition into Higher Education
Author(s): Helen Crabtree, Carole Roberts, Christine Tyler
Year: 2007
Paper: 35_07.pdf

Title: Teaching Public Health to Nurses: the public health walk
Author(s): Chris Jones
Year: 2007
Paper: 36_07.pdf

Title: Building up Undergraduate Skills – empirical evidence from a Portuguese University
Author(s): Eva Dias de Oliveira, Miguel Sottomayor, Ana Meireles, Ana Martins
Year: 2007
Paper: 37_07.pdf

Title: Loneliness and Life Satisfaction of Turkish University Students
Author(s): Asli Bugay
Year: 2007
Paper: 38_07.pdf

Title: The Value of Formative Assessment in Higher Education
Author(s): Nisreen Ahmed, Wilma Teviotdale
Year: 2007
Paper: 39_07.pdf