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ECE Proceedings


Title: Reflections On The Use Of Blended Learning
Author(s): Aleksej Heinze, Chris Procter
Year: 2004
Paper: ah_04.rtf

Title: A Students Eye View Of The First Two Years Of Their Degree
Author(s): Andrew Young
Year: 2004
Paper: ay1_04.rtf

Title: An Evaluation of a Virtual Assessment Environment
Author(s): Andrew Young, Richard Clarkson
Year: 2004
Paper: ay2_04.rtf

Title: Improving Dissertation Assessment
Author(s): Chaminda Pathirage, Richard Haigh, Dilanthi Amaratunga, David Baldry, Catherine Green
Year: 2004
Paper: chp_04.rtf

Title: Enterprise Learning – The Process and the Pedagogy
Author(s): Claire MacLean, Michelle Semmens, Jane Silver
Year: 2004
Paper: cm_04.rtf

Title: Workshop on the use of Graduate Teaching Assistants at the University Of Salford
Author(s): Chris Procter, Helen Ferris, Jaye McIsaac, Paul Spedding
Year: 2004
Paper: cp_04.rtf

Title: Team Talk: A Key Skills Peer Evaluation Project
Author(s): Debra Leighton
Year: 2004
Paper: dl_04.rtf

Title: Salford and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Perspectives and Participation across the Disciplines
Author(s): Dorothy Oakey, Nicola Coates, Carole Roberts
Year: 2004
Paper: do_04.rtf

Title: Enhancing the Early Student Experience
Author(s): Eileen Trotter
Year: 2004
Paper: et1_04.rtf

Title: Personal Tutoring: Policy v Reality of Practice
Author(s): Eileen Trotter
Year: 2004
Paper: et2_04.rtf

Title: Collaboration Across Border: Benefits and Pitfalls of an International Collaborative Project
Author(s): Elena Zaitseva, Jan Shaylor, Janice Whatley
Year: 2004
Paper: ez_04.rtf

Title: Designing International Internet-based Activities: Practical Issues and Strategic Implications
Author(s): Frances Bell, Viv Caruana
Year: 2004
Paper: fb_04.rtf

Title: Student Achievement And Retention: ‘Working Together To Make It Happen’
Author(s): Helen Hayes
Year: 2004
Paper: hh_04.rtf

Title: The University Learning Community: Challenge and Change
Author(s): Ian McNay
Year: 2004
Paper: im_04.rtf

Title: Collaborative Learning With Salford: An Evolutionary Step
Author(s): John Rae, Gary Taylor, Carole Roberts, Prof John Cowan, Dorothy Oakey
Year: 2004
Paper: jr_04.rtf

Title: Interactive Learning in a Level 1 Module
Author(s): Kathryn Booth, Brian James
Year: 2004
Paper: kb_04.rtf

Title: Partnering Practices And The Complexities Of Collaboration: A Case Study In Curriculum Development
Author(s): Mike Doyle
Year: 2004
Paper: md_04.rtf

Title: Nuggets – Encouraging Academic Colleagues to become Independent in their Development of Media-Enriched and Interactive Online Content
Author(s): Mike James, Elizabeth Laws, Karen Staniland, David Dowdle, Ben Mollo
Year: 2004
Paper: mj_04.rtf

Title: The ‘Stranger’, the ‘Sojourner’ and the International Student
Author(s): Nicola Coates
Year: 2004
Paper: nc_04.rtf

Title: Development of the Web Users Self-Efficacy Scale (WUSE)
Author(s): Peter Eachus, Simon Cassidy
Year: 2004
Paper: pe_04.rtf

Title: Unleashing Deep Learning Through Questioning
Author(s): Patricia Harrison
Year: 2004
Paper: ph_04.rtf

Title: Transfer of Research Knowledge into Teaching in the UK Higher Education Institutions
Author(s): Sepani Senaratne, Dilanthi Amaratunga, Mike Kagioglou, David Baldry, Ghassan Aouad, Andy Bowden
Year: 2004
Paper: ss_04.rtf

Title: Negotiating the Boundaries of ‘Discipline’: Interdisciplinarity, Multi-disciplinarity and Curriculum Design
Author(s): Viv Caruana, Dorothy Oakey
Year: 2004
Paper: vc_04.rtf