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ECE Proceedings


Title: Salford, 2006, Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Author(s): Ian McNay
Year: 2006
Paper: im_06.rtf

Title: Sink or Swim? Using Assessment Criteria to Help Students Reach their Potential
Author(s): Amanda Chapman
Year: 2006
Paper: ac_06.rtf

Title: The Impact of Student Centred Learning: An Evaluation of Tutor and Student Experiences
Author(s): Helen Crabtree
Year: 2006
Paper: hc_06.rtf

Title: Good Practice Guidelines for Improving Dissertation Assessment: A Case Study
Author(s): Chaminda Pathirage, Richard Haigh, Dilanthi Amaratunga, David Baldry
Year: 2006
Paper: chp_06.rtf

Title: Introducing PDP - Reflections on the Role of a School PDP Co-ordinator
Author(s): Julie Savory
Year: 2006
Paper: jsy_06.rtf

Title: Transition to Higher Education: What is Important to Students
Author(s): Eileen Trotter, Sharon Youngson
Year: 2006
Paper: et_06.rtf

Title: Metaphor and Management: Making Sense of Change
Author(s): Christine Tyler
Year: 2006
Paper: ct_06.rtf

Title: Further Development of the Web User Self-Efficacy Scale (WUSE)
Author(s): Peter Eachus, Simon Cassidy, Peter Hogg
Year: 2006
Paper: pe_06.rtf

Title: The Theory and Practice of the Conversational Framework: Proposed Amendments and Enrichments
Author(s): Aleksej Heinze, Chris Procter, Bernard Scott
Year: 2006
Paper: ah_06.rtf

Title: Do the Modern Distance Learning Tools Sufficiently Address the Social Issues in Learning?
Author(s): Kaushal Keraminiyage, Bingunath Ingirige, Dilanthi Amaratunga
Year: 2006
Paper: kk_06.rtf

Title: Team Work on Campus in Preparation for Virtual Team Work
Author(s): Janice Whatley
Year: 2006
Paper: jw_06.rtf

Title: Learning, Working and Touching the Culture: The Social Situation of Chinese Students at the University of Salford
Author(s): Nicola Coates
Year: 2006
Paper: nc_06.rtf

Title: Teaching and Testing Academic Writing: Exploring Staff and Learner Experiences
Author(s): Sian Etherington
Year: 2006
Paper: se_06.rtf

Title: Raising Awareness of Health and Social Care Careers Amongst Ethnic Minority Young People and their Advisors using an Action Research Approach
Author(s): Leslie Robinson, Bernadette Burns, Margaret Chesney, Julie Jones
Year: 2006
Paper: lr_06.rtf

Title: Experiences of Engineering Students: Is Gender an Issue?
Author(s): Haifa Takruri-Rizk, Kathrine Jensen, Kathryn Booth
Year: 2006
Paper: ht_06.rtf

Title: Using Real-Life Consultancies in Teaching, Learning to Enhance Student Employability
Author(s): Calbert Douglas
Year: 2006
Paper: cd_06.rtf

Title: Why do Students Avoid Sandwich Placements
Author(s): Huw Morgan
Year: 2006
Paper: hm_06.rtf

Title: Foundation Degrees: Foundation for What? Skills Needs, Lifelong Learning and Widening Participation?
Author(s): Eamon ODoherty
Year: 2006
Paper: eo_06.rtf

Title: Articulating the Shape and Purpose of the Knot in Collaborative Activity, and Unravelling it Back at the Ranch
Author(s): Mike Doyle
Year: 2006
Paper: md_06.rtf

Title: Devolving Educational Initiatives Between Institutions
Author(s): Derek Hill, Ruth Slater
Year: 2006
Paper: dh_06.rtf

Title: Supporting and Facilitating the Transition from Further Education to Higher Education
Author(s): Helen Crabtree, Nicky Leeth, Carol Valentine
Year: 2006
Paper: hc2_06.rtf

Title: Addressing Government Agendas for Personal Development Planning (PDP) within the NHS and Higher Education Institutions: Introducing a Joined Up Approach Between An Acute NHS Trust and School of Nursing
Author(s): Jacqueline Leigh, June Rutherford, Mary Douglas, Ruth Dawson
Year: 2006
Paper: jl_06.rtf

Title: Implementation of Problem-based Learning Curricula in Vocational Education: Experience from Two UK Universities
Author(s): Stuart Mackay, Zainab Hussain, Vicki Moscrip
Year: 2006
Paper: sm_06.rtf

Title: Unpacking Diversity: Mature Female Students
Author(s): Sandra Shaw
Year: 2006
Paper: ssw_06.rtf