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ECE Proceedings


Education in a Changing Environment, International Conference, 12 - 14th September 2007

The Conference Book is available here, published by Informing Science Press

Presentations from the Conference are available here.

Online Proceedings of the University of Salford's Learning and Teaching Research Conference.

The ECE 2007 online proceedings are in PDF format.

Conference Themes

Diversity, Internationalisation and Intercultural Learning


Title: Internationalisation of HE in the UK: Where are we now and where might we go?
Author(s): Viv Caruana
Year: 2007
Paper: 01_07.pdf

Title: Values-Driven internationalisation – embracing cultural change
Author(s): Elspeth Jones
Year: 2007
Paper: 02_07.pdf

Title: Knowledge in Action: International Students and their Interaction with Cultural Knowledge
Author(s): Sian Etherington, Nicola Spurling
Year: 2007
Paper: 03_07.pdf

Title: Developing Intercultural Competence
Author(s): Nicolas Sola, James Wilkinson
Year: 2007
Paper: 04_07.pdf

Title: Education, Training and the New Public Diplomacy
Author(s): Elanor Brown
Year: 2007
Paper: 05_07.pdf

Title: Designing Virtual Student Mobility
Author(s): Frances Bell, Helen Keegan, Elena Zaitseva
Year: 2007
Paper: 06_07.pdf

Title: The Impact of Globalisation on Higher Education in China and Vietnam: Policies and Practices
Author(s): Hien Nguyen
Year: 2007
Paper: 07_07.pdf

Title: Configuring Virtual Learning Environments to Support Diversity and Intercultural Learning
Author(s): Karen Robinson
Year: 2007
Paper: 09_07.pdf

Title: An Exploration of Diversity in a UK Postgraduate University
Author(s): Gaynor Lloyd-Jones, Hiran Odedra, Charles Neame
Year: 2007
Paper: 10_07.pdf

Title: An investigation of student reactions to using Skype and Google Docs for collaborative group learning
Author(s): Ela Beaumont, Cristina Mendes Da Costa
Year: 2007
Paper: 11_07.pdf

Title: Equality and Diversity in the Curriculum: Exploring ethnic identity and appreciating cultural diversity in a group of nursing and social work students
Author(s): Denise Megson
Year: 2007
Paper: 12_07.pdf

Title: The Education of Librarians in Bulgaria in the Changing Environment after 1990 – Achievements and Issues
Author(s): Dobrinka Stoykova, Kristina Dencheva
Year: 2007
Paper: 13_07.pdf

Title: Citizenship Education and Multiculturalism: The Needs of Educators within the Contemporary Multicultural Context
Author(s): Amanda Simon
Year: 2007
Paper: 14_07.pdf